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It suddenly dawned on me that my wedding will absolutely not be complete without a harp plinking (strumming? plucking?) away in the background as I walk down the aisle. Naturally, I moved the need for a harpist up to priority #1 (moving things around willy-nilly on my to-do list is a wonderful perk to having a whole year and a half to plan). In an absolutely predictable fashion I turned my search to google (harpist, northern VA). Never to disappoint, google answered my call. I was instantly faced with a list of 4,000,000 pages relating to my search. I picked the top six harpists, perused their pages, sent them my contact information and impatiently watched my inbox.

Within 24 hours I had three out of six responses. After a couple back and forths over email, with the three harpists that responded I now know that I am currently in the wrong line of work. If I could work 8 hours a day playing the harp I could probably retire next year. Seriously, someone teach me how to play the harp, I bet I’m really good at it AND I’ll cut you a GREAT deal on your wedding.

Little did I know, the harp is a very particular instrument. It needs to be placed on a hard surface, out of direct sunlight, between the temperatures of 65-85 degrees. We’re getting married in a garden, on grass, in June. Luckily I found a harpist who has played at Raspberry Plain before and was more than willing to play there again (even on grass, in a garden, in June).

With all of this harp searching business the reception music temporarily took a backseat. I quickly refocused my attention on this very important aspect of the wedding day. I turned again to my trusty coworker/friend/sanity keeper/constant source of work time entertainment and shamelessly asked her if I could steal the awesome DJ from her wedding in April. She of course said yes and gave me his contact information.

After a week or so of back and forth emails between my two music makers, I’m happy to say that both contracts were signed today and mailed to their respective artists along with the required deposits. We have music not only for our garden ceremony but also for our indoor reception!

At this rate we’ll be done booking vendors before we know it!


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