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Before I made an appointment to get my dress fitted I hadn’t given my wedding day shoes much thought. With a January 21st appointment looming closer and closer I decided that it was time to get serious about shoes.

Throughout the whole wedding process I’ve found that I’m extremely decisive when it comes to what I’ll be wearing. I know what I like and I know what I hate. Shoes were no exception to this miraculous time saving skill. I perused the internet for a while and narrowed my search down to two or three styles that I really liked. I have to walk down a set of stairs (which I desperately don’t want to fall down) and the ceremony is outside in and around a grassy area. I wanted shoes that would be comfortable and cute all the while preventing any stair falling or grass tripping. I also knew that I didn’t want white/ivory shoes because I know myself too well. I would be completely neurotic about the exact shade of my dress versus the shade of my shoes, and I guarantee that they wouldn’t match perfectly. I wanted affordable shoes that I could love but also not be devastated if a speck of dirt/grass/pollen/wine happened to land on them.

I managed to find my perfect shoe. But alas, no good shoe story would be complete without a shoe crisis, in this case it was every other size 8 footed woman in the world who also loved this shoe IN THIS COLOR. One pair that I liked had my size but not my color, the other had my color but not my size. I went to every department store website,  shoe website, AND the manufacturer’s website only to be met with defeat. And then, the silver lining, the manufacturer’s website had an option to “design your own shoes”. I basically designed my own shoe (which, as it turns out, I’m great at if I’m designing a shoe that they already make) picking all of the characteristics of the shoe that I loved and chose a custom dye color. Doing this allowed me to pick a different shade of the color that I loved that will match my wedding colors perfectly. Of course, designing your own shoe (even if its THE EXACT SAME SHOE that they already make) costs about $40 more. I placed my order and in 3-4 weeks my “custom” shoes will ship to my doorstep.

A super awesome perk of ordering my shoes from www.ninashoes.com was that I received a promo code for 20% discount on shoes that I can give to my bridesmaids to use on their shoes. I also ordered a color swatch book of all of the shoe fabrics that they use so that I can match their dresses to a nice shade of gold/pink/blue that will look lovely instead of tacky.

Naturally three days after I designed and ordered my shoes I got an email notification that the other pair of shoes that I wanted was now available in my size AND my color. The shoes are by the same designer and have the same heel height as my custom shoes. I ordered the second pair as well choosing a shipping method that would get them to me before my first fitting. I have a full year to return the second pair (thanks zappos.com) so I can use them for the fitting AND I have a back up pair of shoes in case I somehow managed to click “sour apple green” as my custom shoe color.




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