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Hello! It’s been a while. Honestly, with Thanksgiving and graduate school and the holidays fast approaching I haven’t done any wedding related activities. I recently realized that I did a couple of pretty awesome things before the blog existed that definitely deserve some blog face time.

When I asked John how he would be asking his friends to be his groomsmen he looked at me with a blank stare. I asked again, wondering if he had misheard. Same blank stare. I checked my surroundings, no football, baseball, basketball, or sports center on TV. Had he heard me? And then it hit me, he had no idea what I could possibly be talking about. BOYS ask their friends to be their groomsmen in passing over a beer without looking away from the football they are watching. GIRLS look for cute ways to sentimentally ask their closest friends to be a part of one of the biggest days of their life. I made cards using this free template from www.weddingchicks.com .

PhotobucketI printed the template onto the front of a card and typed out a note asking each girl to be my bridesmaid. I stamped the inside of the card with a cute dress stamp that I picked up at a nearby craft store. I mailed each note to my bridesmaids’ houses.


We also ordered engagement party invitations to distribute for our party in June. Sending out official invitations made us start the process of collecting addresses for our wedding guests MUCH earlier than we ever would have.


In January we have quite a few wedding planning plans. We are meeting with the caterer to finalize linens for the big day, meeting with the florist to discuss center pieces, nailing down the hotels for out of town guests, booking shuttles to and from said hotels, and ordering invitations!


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If you haven’t discovered the wonderful world of stamps you are missing out. And in case you were wondering OF COURSE I’m talking about custom made rubber stamps. What’s that you say? Sounds super nerdy? WELL for your information, custom made rubber stamps are a SUPER cute way to customize all things wedding. And, as with all things wedding, my self control while custom making/ordering/purchasing these stamps was, of course ,absolutely non-existant. Shocking, I know. For those of you who have received Save the Dates (Yes, I FINALLY sent them out this week) you’ll have already seen the magic one of these babies can produce.

I used the Wedding Chicks  website to create an “H” monogram template for future crafting projects (think wedding programs, menus, favors, etc). I uploaded the pdf file to the Rubber Stamp Champs  website. This website is AWESOME. You can literally upload anything in a pdf or image format, request an email proof,  and in 5-7 business days you have yourself a stamp. The “H” stamp was soon siting in my mailbox…and it didn’t stop there.


Well of course, once I got started I couldn’t stop. The website offers return address stamps. I ordered one with my future last name on it (to be used after June 2, 2012, of course) along with our first names and address. You can see the sample image below (of course I’m not publishing my address on the blog…) Thank  you for using your best imagining skills so that any crazies out there don’t show up on my front porch.

PhotobucketI ordered a similar stamp, which made its debut on the Save the Date envelopes, with our wedding date in the middle (June 2, 2012 for those of you just joining us) instead of our last name.

PhotobucketAnd if you thought that I could stop there, well then you must not know me that well…I proceeded to order three tiny little stamps with an image of a crab, cow, and green bean printed on them. I’ll give you a second to guess what they are for…1…TIME’S UP. The idea is to stamp each person’s dinner selection on the back of his/her place card, 1) to help guests remember what they ordered so they aren’t shocked when dinner service begins (hey, with the heat of early June and an open bar you never know) and 2) to assist the food serving professionals deliver said food choices to the correct people in a timely fashion. Genius, I know.


And now I have quite the rubber stamp collection and a “Midnight” stamp pad. Here’s a fun and frustrating tidbit: nobody in the crafting industry calls anything Navy any more. I guess it’s not hip enough. Everything is called Midnight, Ocean, Blue Jean, Denim, or Marine. Pretty much everything that I have ordered in “Navy” for the wedding (bridesmaid dresses, ink colors, paper colors, etc) has been called something different, it’s truly baffling.

I may or may not have Midnight stained hands from playing with my new stamps 🙂


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