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February was a busy month on the wedding planning front. We:

– Booked two blocks of hotel rooms

– Met with the florist to solidify our floral vision

– Met with our DJ to disucss details

– Booked ALL of the transportation for the wedding day including shuttles, limos, and towncars

– Booked our honeymoon airfare

– Worked on our ceremony wording and vows

We booked two blocks of hotel rooms at sister hotels in Leesburg. They share a parking lot and have a variety of amenities that are available to guests at both hotels. We booked our transportation including shuttles to and from the hotels for the rehearsal dinner and on the day of the wedding.




We met with the florist to finalize some design ideas for the big day. We had to decide what type and number of centerpieces that we want for each table.




We had our first meeting with our DJ who we booked in JUNE of last year to discuss timelines and music selections.

I finally booked our honeymoon airfare after booking our honeymoon in June. I’ve been monitoring airfare for our trip since then and finally decided that the price wasn’t going to go down anymore. We have two flights and a boat ride to our island so the logistics of our travel days had to coordinate with the travel arrangements made by the resort.

John and I are fortunate enough to have a friend of John’s family officiating our wedding ceremony. He sent us fifteen pages of possible ceremony wording. EVERY THING was included in the initial wording. We had the task of cutting it down to a manageable 4 pages. We’re still working on personalizing certain aspects of it and truly making it our own.

It’s been a whirlwind!


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