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This past weekend, Kathy (my future Mother in Law), Sarah (my future Sister in Law), my Mother, and I went back to the bridal boutique so that they could all see me in my wedding dress. For those of you keeping track, this trip marks the third time that I have gone in to put my dress on. BUT, Kathy and Sarah had only seen pictures of it so it was completely necessary. I also made an appointment for Sarah to try on some bridesmaid’s dresses so that we could start to narrow down the search for the perfect one (for all SEVEN of my Bridesmaids).

I put my dress on as soon as we got to the boutique and, shockingly, didn’t take it off again until we were about to leave. I showed my favorite bridal consultant some pictures of bridesmaids dresses that I liked (all the while frolicking around the boutique in my dress) and she pulled a couple from the back for Sarah to try on. While Sarah was getting her first dress on, the consultant started to bring bridal jewelry over for me to try on (I mean I had the dress on…why not?). I was literally putting on and taking off various pieces of jewelry as Sarah was coming in and out of the dressing room modeling different dresses. It was crazy and hectic and awesome. The second dress she tried on was an absolute winner as was a beautiful set of matching jewelry that I tried on pretty much simultaneously. Check and check!

With all of that in place, the veils came out. I have to tell you that I am not a huge fan of veils. Most of them either look tacky or morbid or down right ugly to me. This one is way too long, that one is way too short, this one is WAY too sparkly, that one looks like Christmas lights, is this one made out of gauze? etc. I had pretty much convinced myself that I would not be wearing a veil on my wedding day. However, I was open to the ongoing process of trying on veil after veil and, eventually, I  managed to find one that went with the dress, my hair, and the jewelry. All in all a veil success in my book. No veil purchases have been made and for now the jury is still out, even though I do like the veil (such a girl comment I know). Within one hour we had nailed down the Bridesmaid’s dresses, found my wedding day jewelry, picked out an acceptable veil, and had one out of seven bridesmaids measured for her dress.

A few days later, John, Kathy, my Mother and I all went out to dinner and just happened to be right next door to a  Jos. A Banks. We of course stopped in to look through some tux options for the boys. It didn’t take long for us to find a style and color that we liked. The Jos. man at the store informed us that the JAB website allows you to mix and match tux options and print the final product to bring into the store for ordering purposes. Who knew that there were seven different kinds of shirts and about 15 textures and patterns PER COLOR of vests and ties (yikes). I bet John will be losing sleep for months over  the Tango or the Cooper style vest or over which type of tie he wants. I vote bow-tie ;)…just kidding! We were told that the boys should come in 2-3 months before the wedding to get measured and place their orders. The tuxes arrive only three (3!!!!) days before the wedding (definitely sounds like a male run operation over there). Talk about cutting it close. That leaves us with a couple of  months to hammer out the vest/tie color details. Seeing as how the wedding colors are already picked out, I’m pretty sure that we can handle this one.

So far so good on the wedding planning front! Maybe we’ll tackle the cake next………


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