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The first thing that every bride focused magazine, app (yes there’s an app for this), website, etc. declares the number one most important thing to do is set a date. As I mentioned in my first post, we started checking out venues and thinking about dates in January. John and I decided on the end of June due to the fact that I would be graduating from George Mason University with my masters degree in May 2012 and as much as I love final exams I couldn’t imagine writing three or more 20 page papers in the final weeks of wedding preparation. We chose our venue, Raspberry Plain, and picked our date: June 23, 2012 (if you stop reading now you’ll be about three weeks late to the wedding).

At the end of my spring semester I decided to take six credits of course work over the summer in order to graduate in December 2011. All of the sudden a June 23rd wedding seemed much too late, much too hot, and an all around questionable decision. But alas, we had a signed contract with June 23, 2012 printed in bold at the very top of the very first page.

As the months passed we booked a couple of vendors and moved along with wedding planning. As part of our engagement party weekend my mother, my future mother-in-law, and my grandmother decided to go and take a look at the venue to get a better idea of what things would look like in late June. The perfect landscaping and spectacular blooming flowers that had been dancing around my head for the past five months were no where to be found. Due to the high temperatures throughout May and June, all of the flowers had bloomed and died leaving only their sad withered flower ghost-corpses behind. The ceremony location was not what I had envisioned. I slowly started to process my options. I pushed the first thought (PANIC!!!!!!) out of my head to make room for a more logical course of action. My next ideas weren’t much better (make them make the flowers bloom later, perfectly control the weather to prevent early blooming, PANIC!!!!). Seriously though, how have we not figured out how to control weather by now?! After the waves of panic subsided I was faced with my only rational options, I could try to find a new location or move the wedding up a couple of weeks in order to give us a better chance at beautiful, full flowers on our wedding day. Honestly, neither option did much in the way of helping to calm my racing thoughts.

We spoke with the venue coordinator and quickly realized that a signed contract makes it pretty tricky to change locations and that (MIRACULOUSLY) a date three weeks earlier was still available. We contacted the photographer and the florist to check for availability on our potential new date. I’m pretty sure that I held my breath the entire 15 ┬áhours that it took for them to respond. I’m also quite confident that our photographer probably thinks that I am completely insane, as I had the new contract with the new date signed, scanned, and sent back via email within 30 seconds of him sending it to me.

Long and panic stricken story short…we’re having our wedding on June 2, 2012 (if you stop reading now at least you’ll show up on the right day) in a beautiful location.


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